In 1961 the Mazzei Battani family were among first on the Island of Elba, to dedicate then selves to the production of high quality wines and spirits.

Our production includes the following fine wines: "Elba Rosso DOC", "Elba Procanico DOC", "Elba Ansonica DOC", "Elba Bianco DOC" and "Elba vermentino DOC", and the passito wines: "Moscato dell'Elba" and the renowned "Elba Aleatico DOCG".


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As long ago as 1961 Mauro and Giuseppina decided to dedicate their lives to the production of wine. Mauro had come to Elba as a boy, his father was from Fontanaluccia in Emilia, an area rich in famous wines.  Giuseppina, from the Isle of Elba itself, knew the wine making art because her family had produced wine for many years, and she had always enjoyed it.



The grape harvest is always an occasion for the family to reunite and pass time together, enjoying themselves while they work. They started their own business in a small cellar of little more than 70 square metres, with a few barrels, some demijohns and a small bottling machine. They applied the bottle labels by hand.



Business went well and by the middle of the 1970's they were able to build the winery that we know today.
In the meantime Mauro and Giuseppina had been joined by their children Piero and Paola in the company.



The casks were getting bigger and bigger, and the company installed an industrial bottling plant.
Soon wine from Marciana Marina became famous all over Elba and beyond.

... 2000

Today the company is run by Paola and Roberto, Piero's son. The two partners continue, in the family's tradition, to produce and bottle high quality fine wines, while the company remains aligned with the times implementing technical and commercial innovation, always with respect to the traditions and quality.



DOC – controlled designation of origin. DOC is an official recognition of quality attributed to wines from a specified geographical territory.



Decenber 2016. Our web site was published containing information about our winery and the wines we produce.